In the blog, I delve into the art of hacking systems using prompt engineering. It’s about manipulating AI responses through clever prompts, demonstrating how prompt injection can be both a creative tool and a security risk. The blog uses an interactive game to highlight the vulnerabilities in AI systems and the importance of understanding and preventing such hacking techniques.

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I explore Midjourney, an AI that challenges the idea that AI can’t be creative. I experiment with making unique, quirky robot designs, demonstrating Midjourney’s surprising ability to blend technology and artistic imagination in creating diverse, surreal robot mash-ups.

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Guan-Ting Li (Ted Li)

Ted, a bona fide robotics enthusiast and radiating those tech-savvy vibes, seamlessly maneuvers from software, firmware, to intricate circuit designs, all the way to mechanical schematics. Driven by a zest to streamline life, supercharge personal capabilities, and ramp up efficiencies, he’s always on a quest. Forever diving into the latest tech waves, he spots opportunities and imagines endless possibilities.

Sensior Software/Firmware Engineer