I describe using a digital oscilloscope and a custom C program to creatively display a “Happy Birthday” message. This unique project combined engineering skills with personalization, transforming a technical tool into a special birthday surprise. It’s a fun blend of technology and celebration, showcasing an inventive use of everyday engineering equipment for a heartfelt gesture​

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I describe creating an automated desk light using a servo motor and ultrasonic sensor. I designed a simple system to turn the light on when I’m at my desk and off when I’m not, using an Arduino Nano for control. It’s a cool, DIY approach to everyday convenience and energy saving

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I hit on a lazy day solution: a Bluetooth remote light switch controller. No rewiring needed, it lets me turn off the lights from my bed via Arduino and servo magic. It’s classic switch meets tech convenience, making chill days even chiller.

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Guan-Ting Li (Ted Li)

Ted, a bona fide robotics enthusiast and radiating those tech-savvy vibes, seamlessly maneuvers from software, firmware, to intricate circuit designs, all the way to mechanical schematics. Driven by a zest to streamline life, supercharge personal capabilities, and ramp up efficiencies, he’s always on a quest. Forever diving into the latest tech waves, he spots opportunities and imagines endless possibilities.

Sensior Software/Firmware Engineer