I share coding the classic ‘Snake’ game in Python, inspired by old Nokia 3310 memories. It’s a fun dive into game development, featuring a growing snake, scores, and varying difficulties, combining nostalgic gameplay with a new programming challenge.

Man, one day, amidst a swirl of boredom, a lightbulb moment hit me – “Why not code a little game using Python?” 🎮 I’ve never ventured into game development before, so this seemed like a sure-fire recipe for fun. And speaking of Python, what better game to make than ‘Snake’? I mean, c’mon – Python… Snake… Get it? 😂

Flashback to my Nokia 3310 days – the device that introduced me to this classic game. Ah, sweet nostalgia. That lil’ pixelated snake has sure kept me entertained for hours, and believe it or not, that was over two decades ago. Time flies, huh?

With my game goal set, the basics were a must: a splash screen for startup, a rather dramatic “Game Over” moment, and oh, let’s not forget – the SCORE! 🚀 That rising number on the screen, it’s like battling your past self, breaking your own records. And for those seeking an extra thrill? A difficulty toggle to crank up the challenge when things start feeling a tad too easy.

The gist of Snake? Spawn some random munchies on the screen, then guide our ever-moving reptile to gobble them up. But beware! Crash into walls or bite your own tail, and it’s game over. As your snake feasts, it grows longer and faster, testing your strategy and reflexes. Up for the challenge?


Github gif


  • pipenv


$ pipenv install

How to play

$ pipenv run python main.py