I dove into engine magic, grabbing a busted scooter to strip down and geek out on its gearbox. With some SolidWorks 3D action, I reverse-engineered the gears, turning a teardown into a tech treasure hunt

After pouring immense energy into university prep, that chapter finally closed, and it was about time to stir up some real fun. I hit up my mom to connect with our go-to scooter shop, asking them to set aside a busted scooter for me. The goal? Diving deep into the art of engine disassembly.

Taking apart a 50cc engine was surprisingly exhausting, but man, it was a blast. I was totally vibing with the engine design’s intricacies, so I pitched the idea to the shop owner about taking the dismantled engine home for some geeky research. The dude was super chill about it, but given that my ride was just a humble 100cc scooter, I had to play favorites with the parts I’d lug back. While some components were just a Google search away, my tech-savvy vibes were totally leaning towards the core gears. So, I snagged the gearbox for a deep dive.

Merely gazing at those gears wasn’t enough. The real game? Reverse engineering. With SolidWorks 3D at my disposal, I embarked on a meticulous journey, measuring every nook and cranny. My daily ritual? Slipping on disposable gloves, handling the greasy gearbox, and getting down with calipers to size up every detail. Fast forward, and voila! Feast your eyes on my crafted masterpiece.

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