I hit on a lazy day solution: a Bluetooth remote light switch controller. No rewiring needed, it lets me turn off the lights from my bed via Arduino and servo magic. It’s classic switch meets tech convenience, making chill days even chiller.

Kick back and picture this. There I am, chilling on my bed, phone in hand, fully committed to a top-tier lazy afternoon. Then, just when I’m starting to nod off into dreamland, the real world buzzkills me. It’s the light switch. It’s still on. Now, ain’t that a serious mood breaker? Getting up from that comfy bed to switch off that pesky light feels like running a marathon. And you know what? The house isn’t even mine. It’s the landlord’s. So, no chance of going full-throttle DIY electrician and rewiring the place to my convenience.

So, here’s where I have my eureka moment. I devise this nifty little contraption – a Bluetooth remote controller. The genius part is, it’s designed not to mess with the ease of the good old manual operation. This way, you can still walk up to the switch and flip it on or off like the good old days. No Bluetooth, no remote, just you and the switch. Yup, you heard it right!

Now, when I want to turn off the lights, all I have to do is send a command via Bluetooth to my trusty Arduino. That little genius, in return, pulls some puppet strings on a servo motor to press the right button, only when called upon, and chills out the rest of the time. No more late-night energy-draining marathons, only sweet, uninterrupted laze-fests from here on out. Sounds like a perfect balance between the tech-cool and the classic, doesn’t it? Talk about living the dream, eh?

Front View Front View
Back View Back View
Design via SolidWorks Design via SolidWorks