I share building my dream tech setup, blending software and hardware. It features a high-end gaming rig, firmware tools, and a mechanical crafting station with a 3D printer. It’s my ultimate space for tech projects and innovation

Welcome to my den, ‘Crafting the Ultimate Tech Sanctum’, where tech dreams come alive. As a Software/Firmware Engineer and a robotics buff, my space mirrors my passions. At its core is the beastly gaming rig, powered by Intel i9-10920x, paired with a 2 pair 4-channel 128GB and an RTX3090 24GB. It’s the ultimate workhorse for tasks like deep learning with reinforcement learning projects, boasting powerful GPU performance and ample VRAM for those complex models.

But hey, software’s just half the story. Enter the world of firmware. Armed with a Keysight 70Mhz 4-channel digital oscilloscope and a signal generator, I can whip up Bode Plots and decode mainstream communication protocols like I2C, SPI, and UART with ease. It’s a lifesaver for rapid problem diagnosis when working on embedded systems. Essential tools? Think digital multimeters, power supplies, soldering irons, and heat guns. Whether I’m crafting PCBs or playing doctor with a burnt-out IC, I’ve got it covered.

But a toy isn’t just about circuits. It’s got bones and muscles! Hence, the drill press and grinder - indispensable for mechanical crafting. And ever since the 3D printer joined my arsenal, prototype development’s been on steroids. Just design, print, and voila! For those with a keen eye, you’d spot boxes teeming with ICs and electronic components tucked away. It’s a self-sustaining playground - no need to step out. Just me, my tools, and endless hours of tinkering fun.

PC Desktop Setup

  • PC
    • CPU: Intel i9-10920x
    • GPU: RTX3090 24GB, GTX1060 6G
    • RAM: 128GB 4 Channel
    • Power Supply: 1300W 80Plus
    • OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Monitor
    • Samsung 49"
    • Dell 24"
  • Laptop
    • MacBook 12"
    • MacBook Air M2
  • Others
    • UPS: APC Online 1500VA (SMT1500TW)
    • Router: Synology RT2600ac

Firmware/Hardware Desktop Setup

  • Oscilloscope:
    • Keysignt DSOX1204G (70MHz 4-Channel + Function Generator)
    • Gwinstek GOS-6102 (100MHz 2-Channel)
  • Multimeter: Fluke 15B+
  • Power Supply: 20V 30A
  • Function Generator
  • Soldering Iron: Hakko 936
  • Heating Gun
  • 3D Printer
  • Driller Machine
  • Grinder